Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy in the greenhouse creating hanging baskets and mixed planters.
A dream of a job.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Evening in the Garden• July 14 2012

This is a beautiful event. If you are in town, you really should come!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Artists in the Garden-Saturday June 9

Saturday, June 9, 9:30-4:30

Laurel Nickels

Laurel's fine art paintings are inspired by nature. She often paints on reclaimed wood and finds the subjects for her paintings right in her own garden. She is best known on the Palouse for painting the Lentil Festival Poster and various murals around the area. Her work has been shown at regional and international juried shows.

Laura Zimmerman
Laura describes herself as "a creator, gardener, and an explorer submerging myself in nature."

Her current work evokes the quiet of Birch trees through paint and newsprint.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Laurel Macdonald in the Conservatory - June 2- 30

Laurel Macdonald lives in Moscow, Idaho. She serves as President of the Palouse Women Artists. ( Her work can also be found at the Dahmen Barn Gift Shop in Uniontown.

I grew up on a farm in Southern Idaho, and I’m endlessly attracted to whatever is popping out of the ground. Here, in the Palouse, I grow my own flowers and veggies, and these plants tend to crop up in my paintings and linocuts. I love travelling, seeing a different set of flowers, plants, gardens. I know these images will find their way into my art.
A LINOCUT A DAY: In the last six months, I’ve travelled a lot. Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much art while I was travelling, I drew 4X6 sketches. When I returned home, I made these into linocuts. This process is my ownership process: I take the world, shrink it down, and make it my own. I’ve been trying to do one 4X6 linocut a day. When I have 16 linocuts done, I print them all at once in one big print. The result has been a print of New Zealand foliage, images from Spain, Australia, Utah. For May, since I’m home and in my own garden, I’m doing spring flowers.

ENLARGING: The final step to this year’s printing project is a process of enlarging: I take one small 4X6 print and enlarge it to 18X24, forcing the viewer to really see, to look closely at something that is often overlooked…like a stem, the center of an apple, the outline of a succulent. I find something remarkable, something I’ve overlooked, in most plants.

June 2- June 30

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beginning Bird-Watching with Kevin Pullen

Wednesday, June 20, 8:00-11:00 a.m. 
  at  Living in the Garden

Did you know there are over 200 species of birds in our area?

Would you like to be able to identify them?
Join us for tips on distinguishing and recognizing birds.
We'll also take a peek at the avian residents of Living in the Garden.

Kevin Pullen was born and raised in northeast Oregon where he spent much of his time on his grandparent’s ranch. There he was able to experience the outdoors and learn an appreciation for hard work and the natural world. As a child, his grandmother would take him on walks down the country road, stopping to peer into wild rose bushes at the young blackbirds in their nests. He continued his interest in nature as a field biologist, presenter and university zoology instructor.

"There is beauty and wonder all around us; capturing it on film is a gratifying challenge. I especially enjoy photographing wildlife. Animals lead rich lives filled with drama and humor. The more time I spend with them, the more their worlds open up to me"  ~Kevin Pullen

Pre-Registration Required
Class limited to 25
Register in person at Living in the Garden or phone 509-332-0647

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Container Class with Monique Slipher

Splendid Summer-Long Containers
Saturday, May 26, 10 a.m.-Noon

Grab your favorite planters and come to Living in the Garden for lots of creative fun
and help putting together lovely containers that will look great all season.

Monique Silpher will provide you with helpful tips and instructions on plant selection, 

plantingand maintenance of your container gardens.

This is a hands on class.  Bring your planters, pick out plants and assemble your pots 

with whatever assistance you need.  Bring gloves if desired and dress for sun or rain.
We will be outdoors part of the time. Hand tools will be provided.  
Soil, plants and containers are available at a 15% discount to participants.

This class is offered through Pullman Parks and Recreation.
To Register: phone 509-338-3227 Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm
Cost: $10.00

Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30 2012

New this week~ fabulous Hellebores and Clematis.

Thanks to Olivia Holderman for the litg photos