Friday, January 30, 2009

soji pods

New Soji Pod 

For the last 2 years we have sold outdoor solar lanterns.  
They had a few bugs the first year but the designer has been great to us and stood behind the product 100%.

There are 2 led lights that automatically turn on at night from the solar recharged battery.  Ours are still working after being outside year-round for 2 years. I cannot tell you how cool these are, they have to be seen glowing to be appreciated. 
I can tell you that they are part of our evening ritual, as in, "the lanterns are on" 

Soji Pod is the new shape this year and I am CRAZY about it. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

January is a when all our inventory arrives. 
It's a blast!
It has been 6 months since I went to market and ordered, so it's a bit like opening presents.

Lots and lots of presents. I spend the whole time saying: "ooh that's cute" and "oh I love that" occasionally, "what was I thinking?". Chalk it up to experience or buying ONLY what I love, somehow it works.

reduce-reuse recycle
Then there is the packing material. With the downturn in the economy there is a currently a slump in demand for some recyclables. Sheesh! Just when you saved all that mixed paper and all those magazines, you find you have to... save them some more... We took all the cardboard to the recycle center, and we found an interesting, okay, maybe a little eccentric way of dealing with some bubble wrap and styrofoam.

We have been working on the conservatory this winter. Adding a floor, electricity and finishing interior walls. We did not plan on insulating this building as we only use it in the spring/summer, but there before us was all this styrofoam and bubble wrap that came with our cool gift
inventory. So... into the walls it went! It's not a high R-value but it's waterproof and a step better than no insulation.

I wonder what the next owner of this building will think when they remodel and find my recycle-reuse coup.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

first blog day

This is a sunny day in Carla's studio.

crazy first attempt at a blog.
I cannot wait to watch this unfold.