Sunday, March 8, 2009

busiest day EVER!

We have never held an event in spring before so we were not too sure what to expect. Last Saturday our Sweet on Spring event was  so well attended - THANK YOU EVERYONE!
I suppose it's no surprise that others are just as anxious for spring to arrive as we are. It was a overcast morning that turned into a snowy afternoon but we cranked the heat in the conservatory and it felt and looked like spring.  It took a lot of hard work to pull the thing together and the night before the big event I told Scotty, "I'll never do this again" only to ask at the end of the day, "what are we going to do next year?" (he's mighty used to this reaction from me so he took it all in stride)  

I think everyone had a good time and we were just thrilled with how well it all came together. Cowgirl Chocolates were a big hit as everyone was carrying one of her bags filled with chocolate or brittle or cool cowgirl tea towels.  Miss Carla recreated her sewing studio along with her pillow display and it looked so wonderful- Her polka dot pillows went spectacular with Calamity Jane's black metal garden set with polka dot seats. ( If anyone out there is looking for a great priced metal/glass top dining table with 6 chairs and polka dot pillows
it is amazingly still here) I think no one is thinking alfresco dining when there is 3" of new snow on the ground.

I now have 3 days off,  I NEED IT !  did I say off ha! - finished plant delivery Monday, Plug delivery Tuesday and then there is the weekly paying of bills.... oh yes, spring is here!


Connie said...

I'm not sure I even saw that set! Everything was so pretty.

Golden West said...

Your event looked grand and a great reward for all your hard work - congratulations!