Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Rose... would still smell sweet

One may live without bread, not without roses   ~Jean Richepin

Julia Child

This year we are carrying roses from Northland Rosarium. These are own-root roses, meaning they are not grafted and are grown from a cutting. I know, what does that all mean?  Most roses in the trade are grafted (desired rose grafted on a hardy rootstock) The problem with grafted roses is if we have a hard winter, the desired rose may die back to the graft and while the buds may grow from below the graft, you will end up with, ah, not the rose you wanted.  If own-root roses suffer winter damage, any buds that are still viable below ground will come up looking like the rose you planted. 
I ordered mostly Climbing roses and some rugosas and floribundas, focusing on cold hardiness and fragrance.  
They will be in THE SHOP April 2nd but in the mean time here is the list to drool over....

Felix Leclerc-  Pink climber, very hardy
Amedeus- Dark red climber, continuous bloom.
John Davis- Old fashioned soft pink climber, spicy fragrance
Night Owl- Purple climber, fragrant, tall 10-14 feet
Full Moon Rising-Cream yellow climber continuous bloom, fragrant
High Flier- Rich dark red climber, continuous bloom
Jasmina- Violet pink climber, strong fragrance, in and out of flower
Jeanne Lajoie-Pink climbing Miniature rose, up to 8 feet.
Polareis-Pink Ice in color, very fragrant rugosa
Zephirine Drouhin-Bourbon climber, rose pink with a strong fragrance
Roseraie de L'Hay-Large magenta pink rugosa, with incredible fragrance, 
Darlow's Enigma- shrub rose or climber, pure white perfumed flowers
Little Chap-Short ground cover rose with bright pink flowers
Scabrosa-Single Magenta blooms and huge hips. Very Very hardy rugosa
Wing Ding-Brillant scarlet polyantha, blooms all summer
Julia Child- Butter gold floribunda, strong spicy fragrance

Wing Ding

Night Owl

 all photos by Gene Sasse (c) 2007 used courtesy of Weeks Roses
thank you.


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I'm not sure about the part that one could live without bread! But, I can't wait for the opportunity to buy some of these roses for our yard--I can almost smell them now. And spring arrives later today--yea!!