Sunday, April 12, 2009


Some people have all the luck, I am one of them.  These photos of the greenhouse were taken yesterday.  As you can see the hanging baskets are spilling over and starting to show color.
Because this is our production house, I don't let customers shop from here. This is a two edged sword. Walking into this space is magical, and takes one's breath away. I would love to share that with everyone. On the other, business side of the equation, I grow using square foot accounting, meaning I know what my heat and electricity costs are per square foot per month and how many square feet each plant takes to grow to finished size.  To maximize the space we have very narrow aisles which would not be suitable for customers to maneuver.  I also grow without pesticides and one very important part of that program is keeping bugs out of the greenhouse, so the less we open and close the door the less chance an aphid could fly in.
I am growing a few things from seed this year.Below are annual Black Eyed Susan's vine and Sweet Peas. I also grew Morning Glory vine, which Denise transplanted yesterday with our signature apple whip trellis.  That's a whole different story of pruning our apple trees not for fruit, but for maximum whip growth... this makes orchardists shudder!



High Desert Diva said...

Happy Easter Suzanne & Scotty!

Fun to see the progress of the hanging baskets. They've grown a lot since we visited!

Carla said...

Spectacular, Suzanne and Scotty! What a magical place a greenhouse is and how lucky you are to be part of that magic everyday.