Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Saturday June 6 we are hosting our 2ND Annual event called "Art in the Garden".
There will be 8 local artists showing/selling their wares and demonstrating their technique.
In addition there is a local women's art group called the Palouse Women Artists, they are doing a project they are calling "Madam Chair" where each member put her unique spin on a chair. They are using Art in the Garden as their venue for this project. I am very excited about this as we plan on displaying chairs on the living roof or hanging in the trees or off the sitting still hut....I don't know, the chairs will tell us where they wants to be.
I thought I would spotlight each artist in the days leading up to the event. Today is Laurel Macdonald. Laurel participated last year and we fell in love with her work and with her. 

Laurel Macdonald

Artist statement

FLOWERS:   I have always drawn, painted, printed flowers.  They’re an endless source of enjoyment, especially here in the Palouse when we get so little time to enjoy them.  I grew up on a farm and love to work in the dirt; I’m constantly working on my flower gardens.

LINOCUTS have given me an easy way to duplicate my drawings.  The process is simple:  I transfer my drawings onto linoleum, cut out the negative space, roll ink onto the linoleum and press paper onto the ink, thereby creating a print that I can share with my friends.  I hope you enjoy your print!


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