Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A hot sauna sounds good right now

We ordered a barrel sauna.  I've wanting one of these babies for a year and I have been saving my pennies.  We are getting our Sauna from Superior Cooperage in Rice Minnesota. 

As they state on their web site: " We have been able to continue the almost lost art of Coopering (barrel making)  and applied it to the age old cleansing tradition of the sauna.  Our 2" cedar staves are hand milled with an arc and a bevel, then steamed and held together with iron hoops that are hand swedged to a slightly curved shape, no nails or glue is used.  The white cedar gives them the distinct sauna scent.  Unlike traditional square saunas our unique barrel shape allows condensation to run down the walls and drain, making it easy to keep clean. "

The one we ordered is 8' long, 6' tall and 5'3" wide.  We will put it down by the house finishing the landscape and pond ( that hole we dug 12 years ago) at the same time. The really cool thing is we are going to Minnesota to pick it up this summer after we close.  As you can see from the photos the dang thing fits on a trailer.  So we plan on hitting the National Monuments on the way over and Canada on the way back. We think it would be funny to pull in to a full hook up RV site and plug the thing in..hmmm, might be a way to earn gas money?
photo credit: Superior Cooperage, Rice Minnesota


Connie said...

I think that is hilarious! I love it.

High Desert Diva said...

Cool !

Brighid said...

What a hoot! I'm thinking one would be a great hit traveling thru the wine country here. Oh, the stories you'll be able to tell.