Wednesday, June 24, 2009

end of a season

canola field outside of Troy Idaho

Spring Valley Reservoir Idaho

I have bittersweet feelings (always) when a season ends.  I am tired and happy and sad and excited all at the same time.  I have spent time getting ready for our big sale this weekend to clear out the plant material. Cleaning out storage spaces at the same time and gathering goodies for  $1.00 and $5.00 bins.  I am hot and dusty.  Yesterday Scotty surprised me by asking me if I wanted to walk Jersey around Spring Valley Reservoir.  It was a perfect morning made better by the fact that there is a cool "big city feeling" bakery/cafe in Troy!  
Once again this was a brilliant move by Scotty, now  all I want are mornings to discover what's new in our area and walk the dog by cool water...... summer here we come

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

too tired to post...

The season has caught up with me.  The last 3 days, I have been ever tired. No amount of sleep or caffeine has been able to pull me out if it.  I think it is just this very busy season catching up with me.  With just 2 weeks to go I let my guard down, my missing sleep found my body and all I can do is surrender.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art in the Garden- images

a warm welcome:

Donna Mae in the Garden

Kat painting

Anna looking royal

Madam Chairs

Val's work

our "art" work

good folks- good energy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Art in the Garden this year was an incredible amount of good energy.  The artists were amazing, the weather (for the most part) cooperated, the gardens looked fantastic and people came in droves. Scotty and I are thinking we need to hold this event right after we close for the season, so we have more room on the patios for more artists.... but that's next year! 

In case you were unable to attend, here are a sampling of the Madam Chair project that the 
Palouse Women Artists put together. They looked so good in the garden and the garden looked so good with them scattered about.   The chairs will be at Art Walk next week in Moscow.

A big thank you and hug to all who participated and came to the event.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I read about the 3/50 project in an online trade magazine.  
For the obvious reasons, I love the Idea.  

You choose 3 business that you feel your town would be poorer if they were gone and then the action step is to go and spend $50.00 at each of those business.  I have been seriously thinking about living the quote "Create the world you wish to live in" (Gandhi) ever since I read the book The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida 

We all have the ability to create our worlds and live in the environment, home, town of our choosing.  I am voting with my dollars and supporting what makes my life unique and colorful.

My three choices are: Swilly's, Rico's and Prune Orchard.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Scotty and I have known Cori for many years!  (her being another local and all).   Cori did a bit of custom work for us this spring creating a pot recycle label, look for it on our big baskets, it's very cute. 

The Daily News has a wonderful article on Cori in their Pulse Section this week. 

I love her work and I think you will too.

cori grew up gazing upon the rolling wheat fields of the washington palouse, in a town called Pullman.   
she attended WSU (also in Pullman), and received a BFA in art with a major in painting, and a
minor in printmaking. 
at present she finds herself (happily) living in pullman again, only this time, she is accompanied by her own family. 
she spends her days working away in her studio doing all kinds of cutting, pasting, and painting while listening to book after book on tape. 
she also loves to listen to great music, watch a fantastic movie,  read a good book,  and to have a good laugh (not all at once, of course).
oh- and a nice walk now and again also is enjoyed, especially if there is a bird sighting or two. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've blogged about Anna earlier this spring.  As a recent transplant to the Palouse, she has absorbed more information and made more of a connection to our landscape than most natives.
Her Art is filled with what she observes in the natural world, and recently the man made objects that run over our landscape.  We carry her cards in our shop and I have to say they are the only cards that sell to men. Come out on Saturday and you will see why.  

Artist's Statement

The act of drawing makes me see more keenly: how does one tulip’s seedpod differ from another, and what are those contraptions farmers pull behind their tractors? Without drawing I miss precious details and am rootless, without purpose.


Drawing cartoons is how I investigate; the artwork is my report. It also soothes my soul and helps me pause long enough to think and feel. That Devil-Frog is often close-by, bullying me to give up “art” and do something useful. Therefore I address my cartoons to “HP”, my God-Frog, who is always delighted to see what intrigued me that day.


Anna Brewer moved to Moscow, ID on Halloween of 2006. Born in England, she trained at St Martin’s School of Art, London and Liverpool School of Art in England. Moving to California in 1987, she worked as a muralist, animation assistant, teacher, illustrator and cartoonist. She now draws “Palouse Report”, a cartoon in the Moscow Co-op’s Community News, has a blog of her cartoons and explores the wheat fields endlessly with brush in hand. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Val is one of our customers.  There is a group of folks who come regularly and we have a special place in our hearts for them. We have always enjoyed her quick wit and constant humor. Now we are learning to appreciate her other talents.

Artist's statement:

I’m a transplant, from Buffalo, NY to Columbus, OH to the Palouse. I have an MFA in design from RIT and since have taken lots of classes in a variety of mediums, and taught classes in copper enameling.

 For me art is about the creation process.   Sure, it’s great to achieve something when I’m finished, some-thing to see and touch; mostly, it reminds me of the road I went down to achieve the piece, kind of like sleepwalking. Whether I work in copper enamel, clay, or silver, my pieces tell a story or expand an existing story. I can take years to finish a piece while I hunt for the rest of the story.  Inspiration comes from things I’ve read, seen, experienced, snippets of conversations I’ve overheard, and my own warped sense of reality.


— Valerie Boydo (graphic designer, enamelist, potter, and silver artist)


Attached are a photo of Star Pony, and one of the enamel pins I’ve been making for the Humane Society’s annual Fur Ball auction.



Scotty and I have known Kathleen for many years, through gardening and Scotty in a former life worked some of his magic on their home. I am very drawn (no pun intended) to the large scale of her pieces and I love the deep rich colors she uses.  I am so thrilled she agreed to be a part of our event this year.

Personal information:  I am a self-taught artist, working primarily in oils, though I work in other mediums, including acrylics, fabric, knitting.  I usually paint people around me, my family, and in isolated situations.  The little birds with people faces are not creepy, they're funny, and always associated with a narrative, which is my way of being a poet as well.