Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've blogged about Anna earlier this spring.  As a recent transplant to the Palouse, she has absorbed more information and made more of a connection to our landscape than most natives.
Her Art is filled with what she observes in the natural world, and recently the man made objects that run over our landscape.  We carry her cards in our shop and I have to say they are the only cards that sell to men. Come out on Saturday and you will see why.  

Artist's Statement

The act of drawing makes me see more keenly: how does one tulip’s seedpod differ from another, and what are those contraptions farmers pull behind their tractors? Without drawing I miss precious details and am rootless, without purpose.


Drawing cartoons is how I investigate; the artwork is my report. It also soothes my soul and helps me pause long enough to think and feel. That Devil-Frog is often close-by, bullying me to give up “art” and do something useful. Therefore I address my cartoons to “HP”, my God-Frog, who is always delighted to see what intrigued me that day.


Anna Brewer moved to Moscow, ID on Halloween of 2006. Born in England, she trained at St Martin’s School of Art, London and Liverpool School of Art in England. Moving to California in 1987, she worked as a muralist, animation assistant, teacher, illustrator and cartoonist. She now draws “Palouse Report”, a cartoon in the Moscow Co-op’s Community News, has a blog of her cartoons and explores the wheat fields endlessly with brush in hand. 

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