Thursday, June 4, 2009


Scotty and I have known Cori for many years!  (her being another local and all).   Cori did a bit of custom work for us this spring creating a pot recycle label, look for it on our big baskets, it's very cute. 

The Daily News has a wonderful article on Cori in their Pulse Section this week. 

I love her work and I think you will too.

cori grew up gazing upon the rolling wheat fields of the washington palouse, in a town called Pullman.   
she attended WSU (also in Pullman), and received a BFA in art with a major in painting, and a
minor in printmaking. 
at present she finds herself (happily) living in pullman again, only this time, she is accompanied by her own family. 
she spends her days working away in her studio doing all kinds of cutting, pasting, and painting while listening to book after book on tape. 
she also loves to listen to great music, watch a fantastic movie,  read a good book,  and to have a good laugh (not all at once, of course).
oh- and a nice walk now and again also is enjoyed, especially if there is a bird sighting or two. 

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