Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Scotty and I have known Kathleen for many years, through gardening and Scotty in a former life worked some of his magic on their home. I am very drawn (no pun intended) to the large scale of her pieces and I love the deep rich colors she uses.  I am so thrilled she agreed to be a part of our event this year.

Personal information:  I am a self-taught artist, working primarily in oils, though I work in other mediums, including acrylics, fabric, knitting.  I usually paint people around me, my family, and in isolated situations.  The little birds with people faces are not creepy, they're funny, and always associated with a narrative, which is my way of being a poet as well.

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Terry said...

I like to see happy work from KB, especially the top example with the joyful little girl and slightly surreal flower blossoms.