Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Val is one of our customers.  There is a group of folks who come regularly and we have a special place in our hearts for them. We have always enjoyed her quick wit and constant humor. Now we are learning to appreciate her other talents.

Artist's statement:

I’m a transplant, from Buffalo, NY to Columbus, OH to the Palouse. I have an MFA in design from RIT and since have taken lots of classes in a variety of mediums, and taught classes in copper enameling.

 For me art is about the creation process.   Sure, it’s great to achieve something when I’m finished, some-thing to see and touch; mostly, it reminds me of the road I went down to achieve the piece, kind of like sleepwalking. Whether I work in copper enamel, clay, or silver, my pieces tell a story or expand an existing story. I can take years to finish a piece while I hunt for the rest of the story.  Inspiration comes from things I’ve read, seen, experienced, snippets of conversations I’ve overheard, and my own warped sense of reality.


— Valerie Boydo (graphic designer, enamelist, potter, and silver artist)


Attached are a photo of Star Pony, and one of the enamel pins I’ve been making for the Humane Society’s annual Fur Ball auction.


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