Thursday, August 27, 2009


Okay, first off we had a great time and great food on the Oregon Coast, ( hot Dungeness crab and artichoke sandwich) but the meal that made the biggest impact on me was in Portland at the Burgerville next to the convention center. At first it feels like a regular fast food joint, (we were sent there by a supplier who insisted it was good) then you notice the local in-season additions to the menu. Walla Walla onion rings, local cherry pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Fresh marionberry shakes... hmmmm. The receipt had a full nutritional analysis, don't read this before you eat, come to think of it, maybe not after you eat either. The kicker for me what at the end of the meal we bussed our table, they had a photo above the recycle garbage can for everything we had in our hands except the plastic basket. Left over food, paper, plastic cups, plastic utensils, all went into the hopper to be sent to an industrial composter leaving as soil within 90 days.
cool. way cool. I love Oregon.

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