Saturday, August 8, 2009

summer work....

After a bit of a vacation and a general slacking off we are back to projects around the place.

First off, staining the studio and conservatory. We got a great deal on shingle stain from a local painter. With the money we saved Scotty opted to rent the big machine instead of going up and down ladders- very good idea, but led to a 12 hour first day as we only had the beast for 24 hours.

I had not realized (not actually true) how discolored the shingles had become. I love the color of new cedar, so at construction, we applied only a shingle oil brew we concocted so the natural color would shine. 5 years into the future, I wish I had added color the first year.... live and learn..

Right after we finished the first wall I realized that we would have to repaint the trim too.
That's the way it is with projects....

The building color reminds me of Forest Service buildings so I picked out a green color called Amazon Jungle for the trim and on my double doors a kind of adobe- orange color called Marmalade Glaze.

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