Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tornado before the party

I know this phenomenon is not limited to me. The 2 weeks before a big event you feel the need to repaint all the exterior trim. I am now one week away from our Fall Open Garden Weekend and both french doors are off their hinges being painted and I haven't even started cleaning the gardens for visitors. Then there is new product to price, not to mention displays...there are going to be some long days around here! Oh did I mention Scotty has had a backhoe here for the last 2 days digging. He has his own big project going. But the truth is this is how we always work. We groove on this type of energy, for me no deadline is floundering. I do what my 4th grade teacher-friend calls "getting off task". Way off.

Show and Tell: I not only repainted the trim but changed colors which meant a primer coat first. I LOVE the new color. It reminds me of forest service building. I think it goes very well with my trencadis around the front door.

...more on the Open Garden Weekend tomorrow, it's going to be a blast.


High Desert Design Council said... the change of color!

Looks fantastic!

Carla said...

The new paint color looks fabulous, Dahling, just FABULOUS!!!

Brighid said...

Love your new colors. Best Wishes for a successful Garden Party, wishing I was closer.

32˙North said...

Awesome trencadis! As soon as I read that word I was transported to Parc Guell.