Thursday, October 8, 2009

cute and soon to be hot!

We've returned from our 7 state-National Park & Monument-pick up the sauna tour. This sweet barrel was quite an ice breaker everywhere we went. It was interesting that the residents of each state has their favorite liquor fantasies for what could be held inside. In Minnesota it was whiskey, in South Dakota and Wyoming it was beer, in Montana (Missoula) it was wine.

Right now the sauna sits in our shop where it will stay until next summer when it will move, somehow?? to the back yard. The shop may not be the most romantic of settings but we WILL be able to use it this fall and winter...ahhhhhhhh

Sauna from Superior Cooperage

Scotty took some wonderful photos of our trip, I'll post them soon.


High Desert Diva said...

Love the sauna! And these photos...

32˙North said...

That barrel is fabulous! Where in the world, er, country, does one find such a phenomenal barrel!?!

Living in the Garden said...

Thanks for the reminder to add a plug for
John.... I have updated the post with a link.
Scotty and I loved visiting his shop, seeing only carpenter tools, no CAD run machines. this man is an
artist working in a lost art

farmerjulie said...

that is so fun!!

Connie said...

So, when can we stop by? :)