Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Neighbors

In the country sense, Eric and Sheryl are our neighbors. While they may not actually live next door, they ARE close to our hearts. They are out to change our world for the better and every action they take is towards that gain. Click here to link their farm's web page. If you are looking for locally grown food this is the place to start. We have been eating their poultry for the last 2 years and yes, there IS a difference. Below is an excerpt from their web site.

The Zakarisons have been farming on the Palouse since 1935. In 2006 Eric and Sheryl decided that they wanted to grow crops and livestock in a more sustainable way. In 2009 our first 10 acres of organic farmland were certified.
Our small diversified farm is located in the heart of the Palouse in the Pullman - Moscow region. We raise grain such as conventional soft white wheat and we are beginning to transition some of our farm ground to organic production. In 2010 we will experiment with small plots to grow organic lentils, hulless barley and hard white spring wheat (good for bread). We are also experimenting with camelina to determine if we can produce a local oil source for the Palouse.
We also raise livestock. We have a farm flock of White Dorper sheep. We raise pastured poultry - broiler chickens, laying hens and turkeys. We have three wonderful draft mules - Jay, Rhodie, and Kate.

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