Thursday, June 17, 2010

Money to Haiti

During last summer's gift show I ordered wonderful, Haitian Fair Trade, metal garden art made from used oil drums. Using just a hammer and a chisel, the artists create these beautiful wall hangings . My order arrived 3 days after the earthquake. Feeling horrible and wanting to help, we made a commitment to donate 20% of each sale to Partners in Health for their continued work in Haiti.

Today I mailed a check to Partners in Health for $1390.00 !
We sold 128 pieces.
Thank you! Thank you, Thank you!
p.s. we have these 3 pieces left...


La Sauciere Folle (The Mad Sauce Chef) said...

I feel ya, this is a lovely blog. Thanks

High Desert Design Council said...


Carla said...

How wonderful that you made this commitment and then could so successfully follow through. You made a difference!

Anonymous said...

What can I say but WOW. Great pics, thanks for sharing.

JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

Well done! I love these pieces - such a pity I'm in the UK.

Love the blog too and shall visit often.