Saturday, July 31, 2010


We just returned home from a week camping in Montana. What a state! we were in the high country desert of the "big hole" and also spent some time in Helena.

While in Helena we visited the:

Archie Bray Foundation. The Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts is a public, nonprofit, educational institution founded in 1951 by brickmaker Archie Bray, who intended it to be "a place to make available for all who are seriously and sincerely interested in any of the branches of the ceramic arts, a fine place to work." Its primary mission is to provide an environment that stimulates creative work in ceramics.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Bray is located three miles from downtown Helena, Montana, on the site of the former Western Clay Manufacturing Company. Set against the wooded foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the 26-acre former brickyard is internationally recognized as a gathering place for emerging and established ceramic artists. The nearby mountains and brick factory ruins provide a backdrop for the creative environment; more important is the dynamic arts community created by the resident artists that come to the Bray to work, share experiences, and explore new ideas.

Talk about inspiration...honestly we cut our vacation short by 2 days because we were so inspired all we wanted to do was get home and start on projects!


brad said...

Thanks for the pictures of the brick and clay art. Enjoy your projects.

Carla said...

WOW!! And welcome home! Can't wait to see what comes from this inspiration.

Mayet said...

Wonderful photos. :)

High Desert Design Council said...

Looks like a really cool place. And much different looking than our high desert.