Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's a rough job...

I hate to rub it in, this is what my conferences look like!
My biggest decision is which color do I like best.

We just returned from plant trials in Oregon. These are new and improved varieties next to tried and true varieties. It is almost impossible to narrow it down to the few plants I have room to grow in my greenhouse. It is the only time I wish I had a big big garden shop.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Show at Cafe Silos in Moscow

Palouse Landscapes
Scotty Thompson Photograpy

Cafe Silos Moscow Idaho
August 10 - September 8

Scotty just hung a show at Cafe Silos in Moscow. If you have never been to Brenda's you are missing a treat. Very comfortable, very tasty, very beautiful. Her gardens outside are a delight.
Open: 8-6 tues-sat 8-4 sun closed mon

Show at Silos in Moscow

Friday, August 6, 2010


pondering what to do this weekend? May I suggest:

backyard harvest's first annual HOME-GROWN ART PROJECT
Bank Left Gallery, Palouse WA, August 7-19, open wed-sat

This community installation of donated original artworks will be upstairs at the Bank Left Gallery August 7-19. They will be available for purchase at a silent auction August 21
at the annual harvest celebration in Moscow. More information at

aphid on tomatoes

My greenhouse tomatoes have a few aphids on them. It was bound to happen. They are flying off the drying fields into our lush heaven. I have an organic oil spray and I thought about ordering beneficial insects but then I remembered my bug blaster. (dope slap) It's a spray nozzle that emits a flat-2 dimensional blast of water. Aphids being soft bodied insects can't handle the force of the spray. This tool is very effective for mites too who dislike moisture and congregate on the underside of the leaves where rain won't wash them off.

win-win, plants love it, pests hate it, good for the environment

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

aphids moving in...

Our neighbor to the West just got through cutting his hay field for the first time. While this makes a beautiful scene, I swear every aphid in that field moved to our green and lush garden! This is my best theory 'cause I've never had aphids like this year. The nice thing is they are mostly congregating on the weeds (thickly congregating, yuk)