Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft in the Garden

I call my gift shop the studio because, the 'grand scheme' was to have a studio to play in during the off season and later in life. Can you hear the postponement in that last sentence. I never have self-described as an artist but this last winter I've been working on thinking and living more creatively and not worrying if it's ART.

I had this idea for blooming cherry trees in the conservatory for Sweet on Spring. When my printing company messed up the colors on my postcard I found myself with 1500 useless postcards. I got the idea to glue 2 together and cut out leaves. Scotty and my buddy Carla were there to help. Then I cut out 300 cherry blossoms from old plant catalogs. Scotty is currently in the conservatory hanging them all on 2 tree branches.

It's still too soon for me to tell whether it's gonna be killer-good or not. Actually, it was really fun during the process so it doesn't really matter.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sweet on Spring 2011-more...

The women of Ciao Bella, never cease to inspire me. Such an eye for collection and display. Sometimes I dream of a co-op / antique market of sorts but instead of booths it would be one big fantastic shop. A mix of old and new, outside and in. Think Anthropolgie as a garden shop. These 2 women are definitely in my dream.

Sweet on Spring 2011- continued

Kate Jaeckel will be joining Sweet on Spring this year . She is the owner of Orchard Farm in Moscow,Idaho. I'm pretty happy she is taking time out to come play with us on Saturday. I've already got my shopping list ready for her booth.

Sweet on Spring 2011-March 5

cori dantini

One week from today we open for the season. One week, yikes. I am so excited for this year, I feel as if my desire for creativity has been reborn. I can't stop thinking about fun things to create.

patricia cassidy

Our spring opening event is Sweet on Spring. This year 7 friends will be showing & selling their best finds and creations. If you've come in the past you know it's a good time. If you've never been, set aside a chunk of time because you will be running into friends you haven't seen all winter. Hugs and laughter fill the conservatory... welcome spring.

carla wesson

Sweet on Spring, Saturday March 5

Monday, February 21, 2011

Theresa Gong Porcelain

We saw Theresa's work in a gallery in Helena Montana last summer.
I got that excited feeling of "man, I've gotta have her work around me"
I wrote and asked if she would consider adding us to her lists of "galleries".
She said yes!

Her work is so amazing. So detailed and just the right balance of image to blank space.

These pieces are wheel thrown. Theresa then etches through thick layers of colored slips, bisque fires then treats with a glossy glaze and fires at very high temperatures.

This is functional Art. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Don't look outside today...

Spring really is on it's way... here's proof, our first shipments of plants arrived and a burst of color is all we really need to drive this February snow away.

Monday, February 14, 2011

house plants

This Saturday we are meeting a truck filled with houseplants just for us! This is quite a coup for me. I have been trying to purchase from this company for a few years but they didn't deliver to our area....until now.

They deliver every week. If you have any special requests, let me know.
p.s. I will be selling these fantastic colored pots too.

Cannot WAIT until we open.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nature doesn't lie

These beauties are seen right outside my sunroom window, asking me to come out and play. And the play has begun. I ordered pansies and primroses yesterday, they are to be delivered Thursday! Next week greenhouse plant plugs start arriving. Those of you who are tired of winter...I can assure you spring is just around the corner. March 3 is our opening day.