Monday, February 28, 2011

Craft in the Garden

I call my gift shop the studio because, the 'grand scheme' was to have a studio to play in during the off season and later in life. Can you hear the postponement in that last sentence. I never have self-described as an artist but this last winter I've been working on thinking and living more creatively and not worrying if it's ART.

I had this idea for blooming cherry trees in the conservatory for Sweet on Spring. When my printing company messed up the colors on my postcard I found myself with 1500 useless postcards. I got the idea to glue 2 together and cut out leaves. Scotty and my buddy Carla were there to help. Then I cut out 300 cherry blossoms from old plant catalogs. Scotty is currently in the conservatory hanging them all on 2 tree branches.

It's still too soon for me to tell whether it's gonna be killer-good or not. Actually, it was really fun during the process so it doesn't really matter.

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