Saturday, April 2, 2011

April showers...drives one into the greenhouse

April 2, outside: rain, hail, sun, sleet, wind, snow.
April 2, inside greenhouse: 65º humid, sunny even when aforementioned conditions exist outside.

Busy transplanting plugs for 4'' bedding plants and grooming hanging baskets. I am trying out some new hanging basket pots. What do you think? I am crazy for this cone shape. We may have to be creative when it comes to getting it in a car...but that's Scotty's job.

14" shade mix with bonfire begonia, fuchsia, lysimachia

12" classic sun basket with geranium, lobelia, verbena.

12" Thunbergia

Don't even get me started on how cute these are going to be. Planted with red geranium and blue lobelia. These should "fly"

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Connie said...

Hope to make it out this weekend to see! I've got some rusty coffee cans.....