Wednesday, June 8, 2011

STRANGEFIRE in the Garden

StrangeFire Studios of Palouse will be displaying and selling their fantastically colored fused glass wares in the garden this Saturday, June 11.

Mo and Aimee participated in last year's Art in the Garden. We loved getting to know them better. I LOVE every bright and shiny piece they create.

We are happy they accepted our invitation to a "Solo Show".

sweet necklaces

retro-chic coasters

1000 point of light

Palouse triptych


Debra said...

Love those stars - wow!!! How pretty!!!
Wish I were there, but promise me you'll have those little points of light next year, okay?

Living in the Garden said...

Hi Deb,
Aren't they great! I bought a dozen for my window behind the counter! bee-you- tee-ful

We had so much fun today, they are coming back next weekend too!

kiss kiss