Friday, June 1, 2012

Laurel Macdonald in the Conservatory - June 2- 30

Laurel Macdonald lives in Moscow, Idaho. She serves as President of the Palouse Women Artists. ( Her work can also be found at the Dahmen Barn Gift Shop in Uniontown.

I grew up on a farm in Southern Idaho, and I’m endlessly attracted to whatever is popping out of the ground. Here, in the Palouse, I grow my own flowers and veggies, and these plants tend to crop up in my paintings and linocuts. I love travelling, seeing a different set of flowers, plants, gardens. I know these images will find their way into my art.
A LINOCUT A DAY: In the last six months, I’ve travelled a lot. Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much art while I was travelling, I drew 4X6 sketches. When I returned home, I made these into linocuts. This process is my ownership process: I take the world, shrink it down, and make it my own. I’ve been trying to do one 4X6 linocut a day. When I have 16 linocuts done, I print them all at once in one big print. The result has been a print of New Zealand foliage, images from Spain, Australia, Utah. For May, since I’m home and in my own garden, I’m doing spring flowers.

ENLARGING: The final step to this year’s printing project is a process of enlarging: I take one small 4X6 print and enlarge it to 18X24, forcing the viewer to really see, to look closely at something that is often overlooked…like a stem, the center of an apple, the outline of a succulent. I find something remarkable, something I’ve overlooked, in most plants.

June 2- June 30

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